How I Saw My Kids Today

  Today we had just as much adventure as yesterday, but it was thankfully injury free.  We took the girls tubing down the Little River in Townsend, Tn.  We each got an inner tube and floated for an hour and a half over small rapids.  We saw a water snake, fell out of our tubes, had an all around great time.

Spending so much time as a family has been good for us as parents.  We see our kids every day, but it’s great to have extended periods of time with them with no interruptions. 

IMG_5814Isabelle is by far the friendliest person I have ever known.  She walks right up to the saddest, loneliest person on the street, sticks out her hand and says, “I am Isabelle.  It’s nice to meet you”.  The other night, we were walking down the road,and she saw an old man in a wheel chair.  He was holding a small dog on his lap, and Belle walked right up to him and started talking his ear off.  The man was very ill looking.  He wore gloves on his hands even though it was 90 degrees outside.  He was covered in blankets, and really looked sick.  It was amazing to see his face light up as Belle chatted with him.  His wife sat next to me, and she was so thrilled to see her husband so happy.  She is named Isabelle Joy, and rightly so.  I am constantly amazed at the joy she brings to others just by being herself.

Whitney proudly stomped through the rapids today, pulling our whole family IMG_5801of inner tubes along, out of the way of rocks and branches.  She has the most adventurous spirit, an incredibly tender heart, and is fiercely passionate about Jesus and what she loves and knows is right.  That gift set will benefit her in many ways in the years to come.  I wonder about who her husband will be some day, and if he will be able to keep up with her.  I pray for him lots already!


IMG_5757Miss Maddie is gentle and kind.  She is respectful and gracious.  It takes her awhile to believe something new, conquer a new fear, or make a new friend.  When she makes up her mind about something, no one, nowhere can or will ever get her to change her mind about it.  She is firm in her convictions, full of grace and beauty.  She leads others by her example.  Other kids her age just follow her because she is confident of what she knows and believes.  She is quick-witted and incredibly insightful for her age. 

The milestones my girls are hitting all the time, and sometimes all at once keep us on our toes as parents.  We never feel quite comfortable, like we’ve arrived, or made it to a place in our parenting where we can quit learning and growing.  I am not sure that ever happens.  These times away are so important for us to focus on each other, and on our kids…we re-focus, re-group, and re-energize.  We are super thankful for this time we have away to do just that.

2 thoughts on “How I Saw My Kids Today

  1. DisneyCyndi says:

    I love seeing your girls in action (their indivicial personalities come through in your pictures). Enjoy your time together as a family. It goes by fast!

  2. Chelle says:

    Love this. Three remarkably unique girls for sure. You and Rob are leading well. It won’t be long before we see three incredible, godly women in our midst. 🙂

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