How you know its a real bad day, really.

  • Your daughter wakes you up at 4:30am, ready for the day
  • You put her back in bed, she’s still ready to play
  • she wakes up the rest of the family at 6am
  • Everyone is grumpy at breakfast
  • You’re getting a headache already
  • You’ve got to take your other kid to the doctor so they  can get a doctors note to take Motrin at school for a torn muscle.
  • The school nurse hates you for sending Motrin to give your kid every day
  • By 11am your head is pounding
  • You do the doctor thing with your hurt kid, plus a 4 year old who with her exuberance is constantly stepping outside the "social norm" box
  • Your kid has to eat in the car
  • You have to face the school nurse that hates you again
  • Your other kid has a friend over, you get no nap
  • Your head really hurts
  • Another friend comes over, no chance on earth for a nap
  • Your hair catches on fire when blowing out a candle
  • Your lip gets burned from the hair being on fire
  • Your head hurts even more
  • The other kid you are babysitting freaks out and wants her Mom
  • she stands in your kitchen paralyzed for an hour
  • You IM your husband to bring food home for dinner, he doesn’t get the message
  • No dinner, house is a mess, grumpy husband
  • Your head feels like it’s going to explode

All of these are fairly good signs that it really is a bad day.  Especially the hair catching on fire and the burning your lip part.

3 thoughts on “How you know its a real bad day, really.

  1. mandy says:

    The only cure is Cold Stone…lots of it. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Papa says:

    Perhaps you might want to try leeches on your lip,sweety.Love,Dad

  3. Reminds me of the old mo-town song “Mama said there’d be days like this”. Been there, only mine aren’t headaches, I get these stomach spasms that keep me doubled over in pain. I’ve actually walked around all day bent over like Quasimoto, just to get everything done. Ah, the life of a mom! Since you’re smiling in the dream dinners photos, I hope that means you’re feeling better!

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