I Almost Punched A Stranger Today…

IMG_5791 We hiked up to the top of Laurel Falls today, along with about 1000 other avid Smoky Mountain hiker wanna-be’s.  The funny thing about trails like this in the Smokies is that you are about 5 minutes away from Bennetts all you can eat Barbecue and Breakfast Buffet.  People roll right on out of places like this and take on a whopping 1.5 mile trail up to see moving water.  Round people with red sweaty faces huff and puff up the trail with their hiking sticks they bought in the hiking stick store, and their never worn sporty sandals.  It’s a pretty funny sight, but we love to join in the fun.

We got to the top of the trail, and within two minutes of trying to find a spot to stand on the slick rocks to watch the falling water, Whitney slid down the side of a rock and landed flat on her tailbone. She almost fainted…she was dizzy, couldn’t stand or sit up…I knew it was more than a small ouchie.  Her skin was clammy and she couldn’t even lift up her head.  She layed there awhile, then I was able to lift her up to a bench out of the sun.  We sat there for about 30 minutes, the whole time she was crying and sort of out of it.  I watched 4 grown adults fall in the same spot that Whitney fell.  One of them was an older lady..she joined us on the “injured” bench.  I think she was ok, but pretty bruised up.

Finally, Whit felt like she could walk a bit, so I headed back down the trail with her while Rob and Belle splashed in the water.  She got really dizzy as we were walking, so we had to stop.  I sat with her on my lap on a rock and people walked by and rolled their eyes at us.  I think they thought Whitney was complaining about the hike or something, I don’t know.  Rob and the girls caught up with us, and Rob ended up having to carry Whit down most of the way.  As one group of people passed them from the opposite direction, they snickered and rolled their eyes, making some sort of rude comment, and the next group of people did the same thing!  I was so upset about Whitney getting hurt, so upset about these people making fun of my daughter, that I just about lost it.  Instead of punching them, I just gave my “Angry Mom glare”, which you know if you are a Mom, or know a Mom.

By the time we got down the trail, Whitney and Rob were in the car talking and laughing. I was glad to see that, and glad that I didn’t punch a stranger in the nose. 

Whit is going to be fine, and we talked about going to Bennet’s all you can eat Breakfast Buffet in the morning….yummm….


(Disclaimer: In case you’re worried about me, I would never really actually punch anyone.  It was sort of like this movie in my head thing, if you know what I mean. )

4 thoughts on “I Almost Punched A Stranger Today…

  1. Renee says:

    sometimes i want to so badly be that mom who punches the stranger who rolls their eyes at my kids. but then i realize i’m above that…almost. so i punch them in my head. it sucks that people can’t be more understanding and considerate but I guess i always try to remember – hurt people hurt people. don’t need to tell that to you but it sure helps me.

  2. Renee says:

    p.s. i can always follow behind and punch them as if we were complete strangers. only in the movie version of my life, though. that version also contains a lot of squirrels.

  3. Cindy says:

    I’m glad Whitney is better, but continue to keep on eye on her. Did she hit her head in the fall? I’ve noticed on some of our adventures that higher altitudes sometimes make our bodies take longer to recover from small insults. (And by insults, I mean the injury, not the rude comments.)

  4. Ruth says:

    People can be too judge mental when they don’t know the whole story. Ummm….wonder if those that were heading up also slipped on the rock.??? Landing on your tail bone can hurt for years. I know.

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