I Have A Dream…

A long time ago, I had a dream.  This dream was so powerful and encompassing that it gripped me to my very soul.  It was way back in the day when Rob and I were living in Park Jefferson apartments.  It was so long ago, but its power grips me like it was yesterday.

Rob and I were marching through the streets of downtown South Bend with all the kids and leaders from the youth ministry we led at the time.  It was very dark, and we were the only ones out on the streets.  We began to hear thousands and thousands of voices echoing through the streets singing George Friederich Handel’s Halleluiah Chorus.

The kingdom of this world
Is become the kingdom of our Lord,
And of His Christ, and of His Christ;
And He shall reign for ever and ever,
For ever and ever, forever and ever

We walked up to this black rod iron gate in the middle of the city, and a man with a rainbow striped sweater walked up to it with a giant smile on his face and opened the gate.

More voices echoed through the streets, only no one was visible.

When I see things like this happening, I know the dream is working itself into reality.

And He shall reign forever, and ever and ever…

3 thoughts on “I Have A Dream…

  1. Don says:

    that brought tears to my eyes, goosebumps to my arms, and a quiver to my soul. love serving God at GCC with peeps like you and Rob.
    I’ve had dreams, too.

  2. Ditto what Don said.

  3. I’ve being reading your blog and found your post very helpful 🙂 . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!

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