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Are you coming to Innovate08?  I am!  If you are, I hope to meet you if we haven't met yet.  Sheila Beeson and I will be hosting one of the Casual Q&A sessions on Friday afternoon of the conference.  Here is a brief description of what that means:

Casual Q&A’s are very specific topics where attendees have the freedom to ask questions and dialogue with Granger staff. They are not as structured as teaching breakouts but designed to be informal Q&A sessions with the questions being determined by the attendees themselves. 

Got questions on: boundaries between your private life vs. the church life and how to support your spouse through the challenges of day-to-day ministry? Pastor's Wives: Sheila Beeson, wife of Granger’s Senior Pastor and Michelle Wegner, wife of Granger's Pastor of Life Mission will be hosting this Casual Q&A session.

With that said, if you are a Pastor's wife coming to Innovate, you need to come to this session and meet Sheila Beeson!  She's amazing!  I have known her and served beside her and Mark for 16 years.  I watched her be an amazing Mom to Amber, Aaron, and Angela.  I can credit my parents and the Beeson's for the way I parent my own kids today.  Not only that, Sheila has been an amazing role model to me as to how to be a "normal" person and a Pastor's wife.

I am thinking of doing some cross-stitching or needlework together while we chat.  Or, we can sing old hymns around a piano.  WAIT!  I AM KIDDING!

We won't be doing those things.  Really.  I was kidding.

If you are  a Pastor's wife (or even if you're not) what would you want to talk about during this Q&A?  What are some things you would NOT want to talk about?  I'm curious.  Let the research begin!

2 thoughts on “Innovate ’08

  1. mandy says:

    I might be there…live twittering the whole innovate08 conference.
    As long as my babysitting comes through, I’ll be there!

  2. Lisa says:

    If I was a pastor’s wife, I would want to know that I was not alone in my insanity. Anything in addition to that would be icing on the cake. Just being in the room would make my day. Here’s an question – how to parent/discipline kids for their hearts’ sake and blocking out/sifting through the well-meaning and not so well-meaning commentaries on your kids’ behavior.

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