Jack ’78

I was laying in my bed praying for the kids who are right now listening to Mark Beeson teach them about what it means to give your whole life to Jesus.  As I was writing in my journal and praying, My eye caught an etching in the wood which said, “Jack ’78”.  I couldn’t help but wonder what Camp Adventure was like for Jack in ’78.  I was 5 years old then.  He was a middle-schooler.  He came here to hear about Jesus too.  Just like these kids are tonight and all this week.  I wonder if Jack of ’78 is still following Jesus. 

As I stood in morning worship this morning watching the kids praise Jesus with their whole hearts, I could not help but think that for the rest of their lives they would compare their worship experiences to camp.  I think that about my own kids now.  God meets my kids here in this place every year in a unique way.  For whatever reason, God shows up at this place.  I think that for years and years people have come here to meet with God, and it is one of the few places on the earth that is sacred ground.  I feel it when I walk into this place.  God meets people here.

I wonder if Jack of ’78 is thinking about his summer at Camp Adventure when he goes to church.  I wonder if he is trying to help his own kids find places of true community and authentic worship.  I wonder…

2 thoughts on “Jack ’78

  1. Julie Smies says:

    This is a wonderful post, Michelle. Having never set foot at Camp Adventure (and, really, having not the slightest desire to do so) I will pray for Jack ’78 and for all of the kids who meet God there.

  2. mark beeson says:

    Your writing – in posts like this – makes your blog wonderful for me. I love the way you express your thoughts; I love reading your perspective on life. Great post Michelle. Great blog. Thanks.

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