Life Outside of the Water


We celebrated about450 people committing their lives to Jesus in baptism this weekend at GCC.  What a phenomenal weekend it was.  The feelings of newness were fresh to us as a family.  Whitney was baptized last year, Maddie the year before. They both made grand commitments to Jesus, and at their young ages, decided on their own that they wanted to seal the deal by publicly displaying their commitment to Jesus.

At each of their baptisms,  I walked them through the line holding their hands, focusing them on what they were about to do, and reminding them that this was an epic moment.

Maddie's Baptism

They were both baptized by their daddy.  Both baptisms were a very pivotal time in their spiritual lives. 

But…what if I left them in the water when it was all done? What if I shook their hand and walked away wishing them all the best in their spiritual lives?  They’d call me crazy, and so would you. 

In real life after their baptisms, we walked out of the pool together, dried off, went home, and most likely I had to break up a fight between the sisters.   I had to remind them to talk politely.  I had to re-direct them in some way multiple times throughout that day.  That’s real life.  That’s life outside of the water.

In other words, their baptisms were a symbol of a lifestyle that takes a lot of work.  Day by day, minute by minute we make decisions that bring us closer to God, or take us farther from Him.  A life surrendered to Jesus means just that…surrender.  Life outside of the water is hard work.

Do you know someone who was baptized this weekend?  How can you help them take their next steps toward Jesus? Don’t leave them in the water.  Help someone take their next step toward Jesus today.

6 thoughts on “Life Outside of the Water

  1. gmomj says:

    So great to hear about families helping their children keep the faith.
    It’s not easy in today’s environment.
    Kudos to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Deanna says:

    Aaron chose to be baptized this weekend at Sonrise…. and yes, it was such a special moment for our family as Scott baptized him! Thanks for this post…. so, so timely. I wish I had read a post like this BEFORE my boys were fighting last night after we got home and BEFORE my little darlin’ disobeyed me for the fourth time in an hour! 😉 So, so encouraging! Life outta the water is hard, hard work for all of us…..

    • mdwegner says:

      In case you missed it on Facebook, I found out today that one of my girls has been shouting to the other, “Hello Evil Demon!” at school. 🙂 Hard work indeed.

  3. DisneyCyndi says:

    I love the phrase “don’t leave them in the water”. Never even thought about that. I love how you make me use my brain!

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