LOST at my house

charlotte-lewis_l Whitney-Lost

Do you watch LOST?  Well, Charlotte is living in my house.  But, it’s her in the past, and we call her Whitney to protect her identity.  Her American Girl Doll is named Charlotte though, and it looks just like her…Whitney, I mean…and Charlotte. 

We’re taking good care of her for now, and hoping for no white flashes that would make her stumble forward in time.  Also watching out for bloody noses.

If you don’t watch LOST, just admire the similarities in these two lovely young ladies and move along to your next blog of choice.

3 thoughts on “LOST at my house

  1. Jenn says:

    You’ll have to let us know when Daniel Farraday drops by and warns Whitney not to come back to the island!

  2. Cyndi says:

    Whitney looks beautiful (or should I say Charlotte?)

  3. Rhoda says:

    my first thought when you asked this question was a young Lindsay Lohan(Parent Trap) but now that you have posted the picture of Charlotte, that is to weird. She is much prettier than Charlotte although. You are so funny, is Michiana the “island” and are any of us really here???? Lost has me so LOST lol

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