Early January 2011 036 With all the germs coming in and out of my house, it was bound to hit me sooner or later.  I really don’t get sick that often.  Normally, when I do, I have it for two days or so, then I’m fine.  This illness has been the most sick I have been in about 5 years.  I got full blown influenza with a side of sinus infection—not fun!

Things I have learned from being sick:

  • It’s hard for me to ask for help
  • It’s hard for me to not feel guilty for laying on the couch in the middle of the day
  • It’s hard for me to receive help when I don’t ask for it

This morning I got the nicest email from my wonderful friend and mentor Gail MacDonald.  We sent her and her husband Gordon a copy of our book, and her words of encouragement to me spoke right to my heart.  Sometimes words can be healing, and I am so thankful for her friendship, kindness and support. 

So, for the next few days, I am mending, healing, and trying to soak up the love that others have poured out to me in such a kind and gracious way.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hardest to be on the receiving end of things. 

Taking it all in….

One thought on “Mending

  1. Ruth says:

    Oh Michelle, I totally agree with you. It’s hard to be at the receiving end and more difficult to ask for help. So sorry that you have not been feeling well. Maybe with the girls back to school you can take care of yourself better. ((((Hugs)))
    I’ve been dealing with congestion and sinuses myself lately. No fun:(

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