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Miracle reunion: Family emotionally reunites with elderly dog missing for 3 years

Heartwarming story of love and persistence in finding a beloved pet.

Today’s inspiring news: Dorchester Paws, a local animal shelter in Lowcountry, received a small 18-year-old pup Binky who was in dire need of medical attention.

Upon arrival, the staff noticed that Binky was severely malnourished and had matted fur, rotting teeth, overgrown nails, and was covered in fleas. Little did they know, a family had been searching for Binky for years.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan brought Binky to the shelter, and the medical team immediately sprang into action, shaving him completely and providing the necessary medical care to help him recover.

An emotional moment occurred when the family was reunited with their elderly dog, Binky, who had been missing for three years.

Last month, an animal shelter in South Carolina called Dorchester Paws took in Binky, who was 18 years old and in poor health.

Binky was suffering from malnourishment, fleas, matted fur, overgrown nails, and rotting teeth.

While treating him, the shelter discovered that Binky was microchipped, and his owners were located six hours away. After contacting the family, the shelter learned that Binky had been missing for over three years, and they had been hoping for his return.

With the help of a shelter volunteer, Binky was finally reunited with his family.

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