So much has been happening over here at the Wegner house.  There are so many times when I think to myself, “I need to write a blog post about that”, but time and space are limited.  I put together a mish-mosh of updates from the past week, all of which are very fun and/or important, and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss.  (I am flattering myself, I know…humor me.)

  • Ellie the dog actually ate Whitney’s math homework. This is the bag of evidence. Check the scraps…it’s really done!  Funniest part of my week was writing the teacher a note to say the dog did indeed eat Whitney’s homework.  She thought it was funny.  Whit was very glad about that.Whitney's Homework 
  • My previous blog post about Dot and Pete and The Global Neighborhood made me really, really happy.
  • A 2 hour freezing fog delay on Friday made  for a very happy bunch of peeps at my house, Rob included.  All the neighborhood kids came over for a spontaneous game of Rock Band before school.  Rob was the leader of the band, of course.
  • The other night after I had tucked Belle in for the night, I came down stairs, flopped on the couch and heard her yell from upstairs, “Mom!  I have very good news!  I just prayed for the poor!”
  • And the night before, "Dear God, thank you that Mom married a good man. He is fun and graceful and we love him. Amen."
  • I ran into my twitter friend @cindyscottday in real life at Martins.  We chat all the time online.  It was so fun to meet her in person.
  • The girls and I met my Mom and Dad in Michigan City, which is halfway between here and Chicago for lunch.


And perhaps the best Twitter update of the week:

AMAZING news. @martyfriend and @KathyFriend have been waiting around Russia for days 2 get custody of Anya. They are on their way 2 get her!

Anya Anya2    Feb 012Feb 010

We all have been praying for years for Marty and Kathy to Bring Anya Home.  So much so that the saying has earned caps due to how often we have repeated and prayed it.  I am wearing my Bring Anya Home necklace in these photos.  So many have poured so many prayers into making this miracle happen.  It’s been a long, long wait.  Finally they get to be a family.  I am convinced more than ever that God hears and answers our prayers, and that miracles are real. 

I am glad Belle is learning to pray, that we are learning lessons through eaten homework, through accidental friends and spontaneous fun.  It’s a good life indeed.

2 thoughts on “Mish-Mosh

  1. Wow. I made it to the highlights list. I’m flattered. I guess we should explain to your readers that, despite attending the same (let’s face it, large) church and living within miles of each other, Michelle and I never before had actually met face to face, even though we have been Twitter and Facebook friends since last summer. And, to be honest, I’m not sure I would have so easily recognized Michelle had she not had Rob and Belle in tow as well. (I’m usually pretty oblivious and in fact had my iPod buds stuffed into my ears at the time.)

  2. Kathy Friend says:

    Awww, thanks for the kind words. One of the unplanned blessings of this journey has been the prayers of friends (and friend’s kids). Can’t wait to get home and schedule play dates!

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