My (not so) Girly Girls


So I was talking to my friend on the phone this afternoon, when all of a sudden I heard screams and shrieks. I turned around, looked outside, and there were my darling daughters along with the kids I babysit (Maddie and Whitney’s best friends) with a SKULL!

They have been spending every free moment, rain or shine, (or snow) searching for Spiderwick clues in the woods behind our house. They were MAJORLY freaked out when they found this skull, but not too scared to pick it up. I am so proud of my girls. They have never played Barbies, or done much girly stuff. (Belle is completely the opposite of them). I love their adventurous spirit.

Now, any clues as to what you think this skull is? The kids guessed it was either a bull or a rhinoceros. I’d love to hear your ideas as to what is (or was, I should say) buried behind my house!

4 thoughts on “My (not so) Girly Girls

  1. Amber Cox says:

    I think its a deer!

  2. Papa says:

    It is a Odocoileus virginianus.Deer, White-tailed.

  3. Dad says:

    Don’t be fooled. That is definitely the skull of a Black Phooka. Perhaps there was a lake or river there at some time because it looks like it might be the skull of a river troll, as well. Check the Field Guide for conformation.

  4. that’s, in fact, a R.O.U.S. skull. Did they happen to find it near any lightning sand? that is strange, i didn’t realize there were any local fire swamps.

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