New Kids Book From GCC Author

CJ In A Pickle

Robert Bauer, a guy in our church authored this creative and funny story about a boy named C.J. that ends up “in a pickle”.  He cut his own hair in a moment of spontaneity, and tries to lie his way out of owning up to the unfortunate act by telling elaborate tales about “how it happened.”

In the end, he confesses to his Mom that he did indeed cut his own hair, and he admitted he made up the other crazy incidents to cover up his mistake.

I read this story to my own girls, and they loved it.  Isabelle especially liked the talking elephant at the end that convinces C.J. to tell the truth.  The hidden squirrels on each page make reading the story with a child is a fun game as well.  An mp3 version of the story will be available  with the purchase of the book soon after the book is released August 3.  How fun is that? 

I’m so happy for Rob!  He’s a teacher and I think it’s great that he’s written this book to help illustrate an important lesson about telling the truth.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth.  This book is a great tool to get a conversation started about truth telling with your own child or your class if you are a teacher, or if you just generally like to read books to kids. 

You can support this fabulous author and purchase the book on his site… or at the Tate Publishing Website

If you attend GCC, the book is available in our bookstore.  If you don’t attend GCC, the book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Borders,, and Family Christian Stores after August 3.

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