Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary: where every senior pup finds a forever home

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Animal welfare organizations are dedicated to providing care, shelter, and support to animals in need. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure that animals receive the love and attention they deserve, whether they are lost, abandoned, abused, or in need of medical attention. From animal shelters to sanctuaries, these organizations strive to find loving homes for … Read more

Heartbreaking story of PJ, the twice abandoned Calico cat

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Heartbreaking stories of abandoned and mistreated animals are unfortunately all too common. From neglect to abuse, animals are often subjected to unimaginable cruelty. The story of PJ, the calico cat, is yet another reminder of the need for more awareness and compassion towards animals. Source: @aaps_victoria Tiktok Promises Broken PJ is a beautiful calico cat … Read more

Attempted rescue of a severely wounded cat: the heartbreaking tale of Tator Tot’s abusive start to life

Tator Tot Rescue
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Prepare to be inspired by a heart-wrenching rescue story that highlights the power of love and dedication shown by animal welfare organizations. Animal rescue organizations around the world work tirelessly to save animals from dire situations. Every day, they rescue animals from abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and provide them with medical care, love, and support. … Read more

Tear-jerking journey of exhausted dog: Pup walks over 40 miles to his former home after fleeing from new owner

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News articles about animals and their incredible instincts, perseverance, and loyalty have become increasingly popular in recent years. These heartwarming stories often highlight the incredible bond between humans and animals and showcase the lengths to which these creatures will go to protect and reunite with their loved ones. From heroic acts to miraculous journeys, these … Read more

Desperate dog’s yelping for help finally heard: trapped pup’s miraculous rescue from car engine

Engine dog
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In today’s heartwarming tale of survival, a little dog crawled into the engine compartment of a car and accidentally accompanied a woman on her 30-mile commute. The scared pup, which was discovered by a coworker at the Kansas City Royals Stadium in Missouri, was utlimately safely rescued by a group of strangers and reunited with … Read more

Australian shepherd survives epic journey across frozen sea to reunite with family

Alaskan Dog
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Michellewegner’s latest news story is of Nanuq’s disappearance while on a trip in Gambell, Alaska.  Nanuq the Australian shepherd ‘s family thought they had lost him forever. However, a month later, they received news that he had been spotted 166 miles away in Wales, Alaska. How he managed to survive the harsh Arctic environment and … Read more

Tragedy strikes as second cheetah brought to India from Africa dies within weeks

cheetah dies
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In today’s news story, we take a look at India’s ambitious project to reintroduce cheetahs.  Unfortunately, their plan has hit yet another major setback, as a second cheetah from Africa died in less than a month. Second cheetah death in Kuno National Park The six-year-old male cheetah, named Uday by Indian citizens, died at the … Read more

Desperate ‘Unicorn Dog’ with head and stomach injuries faces euthanasia

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Today’s rescue story focuses on a pit bull named Strawberry, affectionately known as the “unicorn dog”. After 2 years of neglect and sentences to be euthanized at the last shelter she was moved to, the poorly pup has finally found a loving home in South Pasadena. The unicorn dog: how one pit bull’s unique appearance … Read more

Brave Jovie’s story will tug at your heartstrings: from cancer struggle to therapy dog

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Today’s rescue story introduces you to Jovie, an 8-year-old dog who battled cancer and won.  She nearly lost her leg to cancer, but thanks to the veterinary specialists at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, she’s now healthy and happy in her new home. Jovie’s adopter, Nina Noble, describes her as a calm, gentle, and sweet dog … Read more

Heartbreaking story of neglect: One pony put down, another rescued

News and rescue
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Today’s news comes from Wales, where a heartbreaking story has emerged that will surely tug at the heartstrings of all animal lovers. Two innocent ponies were found on common land, in the grips of severe neglect and malnourishment. Both tragic loss and hopeful resilience of rescued ponies Sadly, one of the ponies was in such … Read more

Hopping into action: Meet the police force’s furry new recruit, Wellness Officer Percy

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Today’s news story is that of the Yuba City Police Department in California, who recently welcomed a new addition to their team: Wellness Officer Percy. Percy, a friendly and docile rabbit, was part of the department’s wellness program, which promoted the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health for employees and their families. During the … Read more

Snooty the Shark: the smile that stole our hearts

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In today’s news story, learn about Snooty the Shark,  a beloved creature that has captured the hearts of many people around the world. Known for his friendly demeanor and his unique appearance, Snooty has become an icon in the world of marine life. Snooty is a tiger shark that was first discovered off the coast … Read more

The power of the internet: the heartwarming story of Fishtopher the cat

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Today’s rescue tale tells inspiring story of Fishtopher the cat!  This loveable but supposedly ‘depressed’ feline become somewhat of an internet sensation in recent years. Originally known for his sad and lonely demeanor, Fishtopher’s story has a happy ending thanks to the power of the internet. A Sad and Lonely Cat Fishtopher was a cat … Read more

Celebrating 2023 with pride: the white house’s commemorative farmers’ egg

Celebrating 2023 with pride: the white house's commemorative farmers' egg
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The White House is proud to announce the launch of its commemorative Farmer’s Egg for 2023. This unique egg pays tribute to the hardworking farmers of America and celebrates the country’s diversity and unity. This special edition egg is a symbol of pride for the nation, and it’s sure to bring joy to all. The … Read more

Ending animal suffering this easter: why your eggs matter

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This Easter, we all have the power to end animal suffering by making conscious choices when it comes to Easter eggs. By ensuring that the eggs we purchase are humanely-sourced, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many animals. During this time of reflection and joy, it’s important to give back to … Read more

Clucking Good Books and Films: The Best Chicken-Themed Tales

Clucking Good Books and Films: The Best Chicken-Themed Tales
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If you love chickens, you’re going to want to read this article! Here, we’ll be looking at the absolute best books and films with a chicken-theme. From classic stories to modern day comedies, there’s something for everyone who loves these feathered friends. The Best Chicken-Themed Books for Kids Chicken-themed books are a great way to … Read more

Uncovering the History of the Easter Bunny

Uncovering the History of the Easter Bunny
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Easter is a beloved holiday celebrated around the world, and the Easter Bunny is one of its most iconic symbols. In this article, we will be uncovering the history of the Easter Bunny and discovering how it became such a beloved part of this holiday. If you’re an Easter Bunny lover, then you won’t want … Read more