On Top Of The World

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Here are some fun photos from the last few days.  We had a day to rest on a Hill Station.  The British built “Hill Stations” at the top of mountains when they occupied India so they could have a place to get out of the heat.  We stayed at  the  Kodai hotel in Kodaikanal.  I was blown away by the beauty.  Forgive my pathetic iPhone shots, but they’ll give you a small idea of what it was like.

We had a great time, except Belle fainted while we were getting our hands painted with henna.  After some Gatorade and rest, she was good as new.

The girls got some seriously freaky masks that squeak and make noises.  They love them.

Rob got to learn how to use a Cricket bat  in a batting cage.  He did great!

Maddie has been getting lots of practice as a photographer.  Ron Zimmerman, who is along taking photos for our book, let her and Whitney use his cameras, and is teaching them all about how to get great photos.

Whitney got some cotton candy…she was one seriously happy camper.

And now, I am finally happy because I have internet for a few more hours.

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