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Orphaned baby koala rescued after dog attack finds friendship in wildlife shelter

Buzz, the tiny koala, finds a best friend and healing care with Mosswood Wildlife team

Today’s news story has a sad beginning but an inspiring end. Meet Buzz a baby koala who went through a terrible ordeal in which his poor mother died.

A dog recently attacked this little koala and his mother, who unfortunately did not survive. Luckily, Buzz was protected by his mother, rescued and taken in by Mosswood Wildlife.

When he arrived, he was tiny: weighing only 450g and had just come out of his mother’s pouch.

Buzz is now recovering in the wonderful care of the amazing wildlife caregivers at Mosswood.

In the video, Buzz is seen with Woody, his best friend. At this stage, it’s best to put two koalas together so they can both go through each stage of the rehabilitation process.

Buzz and Woody each have a basket, a teddy bear, and sleep in their own pouch, but our friends at Mosswood say they often crawl into each other’s baskets to be together.

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