My head hurts too much to blog.  I get these terrible migraines every now and then.  My normal fix is Diet Coke and South Bend Chocolate Company Chocolate Covered Peanuts.  Sounds crazy, but it works occasionally.  What’s your cure?  I’m up for anything.

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2 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. chrissy woke up today with a really bad migraine too. i’ll have to pick up some “medicine” on the way home and tell her that you suggested it.

  2. Thomas Hoyt says:

    Well Michelle, I don’t know too much about what triggers a migraine. I do know a little, like it can be too much sound or light or cold that triggers them. Other factors could be not enough or too much of something in your body…something like protiens, vitamins, potassium, etc.
    I may have had migraines on the more mild side. What I did was take 600mg of Advil or other ibu-profen, then blindfold myself, get into a completely silent room, and sleep. When I wake up, all better.

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