Photos With Brittani


Over the past five years, our family has had the wonderful privilege of having our pictures taken by our amazingly talented friend Brittani. She is seriously amazing.  And talented.   I got so tired of taking my very opinionated and occasionally feisty girls to the mall to get their pictures taken by a stranger in a sterile, unnatural setting.    The very first time we went out with Brittani to get our family pictures taken, I knew she was magic.  She literally followed the girls and captured the smiles and unique characteristics of each of them the way I would want to capture them to remember for years to come. She wasn’t ever put off by their fussiness or feistiness, or this last time when Miss Isabelle insisted on wearing her silly glasses and flamboyant scarf.  Brittiani totally went with the moment and captured it in a magical way–with joy and grace.

If you are in the market for a family photo session, I’d highly recommend Brittani.  Her website is phenomenal.  She does weddings and lots of other fun stuff too. 






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