Resting Easy

Late July 2010 092 The weather changes.  Our housing situations change. I drive a tan minivan.  I had a small house.  I have a big house.  The snow was here. The snow is melting. 

I feel myself growing strong and steady.  My emotions don’t change with the weather like they used to.  My feelings don’t crash when the fun goes away, the money disappears, or stuff starts to break down.

When the sun is shining, the birds are singing, my pockets are full, and I’m driving anything other than a mini-van, I feel the same. Why? Because every year, every day, I am slowly inching closer to the one who made it all.  I see that he never changes. I see that he has always given me everything I need or even want. I rest in him, knowing that he’s got it.  He’s got his eye on the ball, money in his pocket, and food at his table.

I rest easy walking into winter days, knowing him more, more secure in his love than I’ve ever been.

The Lord is my shepherd…I have everything I need.  Psalm 23:1

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  1. Very cool post, Michelle.

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