Saying Goodbye


Life can take some pretty awful turns.  In the past 10 days, we have lost two of God’s treasures on this side of Heaven.  Little Ava went home to be with Jesus, and just a few short days after her home-going, we lost Kristy Ekema to cancer.  Kristy is the mommy to 8 beautiful children, and wife to one amazing guy.  We will go to her funeral later today.

Kristy and Dale’s oldest daughter Jessica is very special to our family.  We trust our kids with her days at a time when we go out of town.  There are not too many  babysitters that can handle our kids for more than a day, let alone a week. We come home from a week away and our house is calm, peaceful, orderly, and most of all, our kids are happy.  They love Jessica.  Their hearts break for her and her siblings

We’ve had a week of drawing closer as a family.  We’re holding on to one another a bit tighter, treasuring the moments we have together.  Pray for the Ekema’s today as they say a final goodbye to their Mommy.

The girls have had so many questions about pain and death in the past week.  The hardest part of being a parent is not being able to fix their hurt or explain it away.

We know Ava and Kristy are precious to us.  We know they are in Heaven with Jesus now.  Pray for the hurting today.  It’s going to be a hard, hard day.

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  1. DisneyCyndi says:

    Praying for you all today.

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