Snow Fun

February 2011 031 

We’ve had LOTS of snow here in Northern Indiana.  Last week, school was closed for two days and we had a two-hour delay on Friday because of a blizzard.  The first day home was fun for the girls, and Rob even got to work from home since the church offices were closed.  On the second snow day, Maddie and Whitney came down with a cold/flu bug, and so did I.  It’s not been a pretty sight around here with all of us laying around here sick…and I mean really, really sick! 

Belle and Ellie have been having lots of fun playing outside in the snow while the rest of us lay around.  I’m grateful for books, my electric blanket, and a house full of fun girls, even when they’re sick.

I’m also grateful for my amazing husband who has done an amazing job taking care of all of us!

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  1. Gwen says:

    That is a considerable amount of snow. My children would be envious. We got some snow recently but no where near that amount.

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