The Best Pet


Meet Casey.  He’s been in doggie heaven for about twenty years now.  My Dad posted this picture of him on Facebook the other day, and it just made me smile.  Casey was an Akita.  He weighed about 140lbs, and took me on walks often.  He was so big and scary looking, that whenever I would take him for a walk (or vice-versa), people would steer clear of us, cross the street, or do whatever they could to get away.  What they didn’t know was that Casey was one of the most gentle and kind Akita’s we ever had growing up (my mom raised Akita’s..we had lots).

Once when we were away for the day, he tore all the hair off of my brother’s long haired guinea pig.  He could have eaten him…we think he just wanted to play.  Another time we came home to find the bird cage empty. No bird anywhere.  Some say Casey ate the Cockatiel, I think he set him free….or at least I’d like to think so.

Casey was such an amazing animal.   Are you a pet lover?  What is the best pet you’ve ever had?