Every Body Needs A Whitney

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Every body needs a Whitney. Whitney is a true friend. She is a pillar of strength and conviction. She is a joker, a creative, a Jesus-lover, and a pearl- refined into beauty as the years shape and mold her.

I’ve never seen a more stunning strawberry blonde beauty. Her smile lights up a room and draws life out of the most down and out kids.

We are so glad God gave us a Whitney 11 years ago today, and that He chose two special sisters that bring out the very best (and sometimes worst…but we won’t talk about that on her birthday) of the depths of her preciousness.

Happy Birthday Whitney! We love you so, so much.

If you don’t know Whitney, I hope you know someone like her. Everybody needs a Whitney.

37 Wishes For my 37th Year

Today is my 37th Birthday.  Here are 37 wishes for my 37th year.

Indiana 37

  1. Figure out how to be a better wife and friend to Rob
  2. Less Flab
  3. More exercise
  4. Less Tiredness
  5. Less Achiness
  6. More Time Writing
  7. Less time wasted
  8. Write our first book
  9. Hike 10 miles somewhere exotic
  10. See some whales
  11. Learn to cook 10 new things
  12. Spend more 1 on 1 time with my girls
  13. Go away with Rob for a week…no agenda
  14. See my parents more often
  15. Enjoy my regular, ordinary days more
  16. Help some women get closer to Jesus
  17. Learn to “suck it up” more when I’m in difficult circumstances out of my control.
  18. Teach  Belle to ride  her bike
  19. Embrace craziness in a healthier way
  20. Tell Whitney she is beautiful every day
  21. Be nicer to my dogs, even when they drool on my shoes
  22. Help Maddie have confidence in herself and Jesus as she begins Middle school
  23. Worry less about trivial things
  24. Pray more
  25. Figure out how to make some money writing
  26. Play more games with Isabelle
  27. Get a new laptop
  28. Listen more
  29. Talk Less
  30. Speak up more for those that don’t have a voice
  31. Hang out with my girlfriends and do fun, silly things without the weight of the world hanging around my shoulders.
  32. Go see my 70 something friend Gail in New Hampshire
  33. Grow my blog into more of a discussion and less of me blah, blah, blah-ing
  34. Encourage someone every day
  35. Embrace people that annoy me as gifts from God
  36. Embrace eating Oreos…only not after 9pm
  37. Enjoy every 525,600 minutes as best I can.  They will only come around once.