How I Find Time to Read and Why I Do.


I read 100 books last year. 110 or so really, but I did not finish about 10 of them because they were just that awful, so I won’t count them here. I read about 120 books in 2011. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you find all that time to read?” I’ve been called lazy and that’s why I read. Inferences of others imply that I have a lavish life, that’s why I have time to read. I’ve also had people ask me if I do anything that matters other than read. All very interesting, loaded questions that I won’t answer here. But, I will tell you how I do find the time. Here goes.

  1. I hate television. I never watch TV, ever. Unless it’s the Today Show while kids are getting ready for school in the morning and I sit on the couch in between getting lunches made, signing papers, Stuffing random gloves in backpacks, etc.
  2. I loathe cooking. I don’t enjoy it–like, at all. I DO cook for my family on a daily basis, but I keep the cooking and baking time to the bare minimum.
  3. I’m not in a crafty phase. I do enjoy scrapbooking, but crafty time is not how I spend my spare time right now.
  4. I listen to books in the car. For whatever reason, I cannot listen to fiction books in the car because my imagination wanders too much. But, non-fiction books are easy for me to listen to, even while I’m grocery shopping. I just bring my headphones and stuff my Kindle in my purse and I am instantly transported into a place in my head where I am really not grocery shopping, but learning something as I am doing the dreaded task of grocery shopping. (I know, I don’t like to cook OR grocery shop. I am sure there is something wrong with me).
  5. I love to read.
  6. I have a passion to read.
  7. I cannot stop reading.
  8. I want to learn all I can from books that I cannot learn from what is my here and now. I want to learn from other’s stories. How they have handled obstacles, how they survived overwhelming odds, what their lives looked like along the way. I never want to stop learning from others.
  9. I want my spectrum to be broad. Living in the same culture for twenty years now, I never want to forget that there is a “rest of the world” that does not live like me or think like me.
  10. Reading makes me a better writer. When I begin to write about a topic, often I hear the voices of other writers inside my head (I know this is not normal either. ­čÖé ) These writers urge me to paint a story with words I would never normally choose.

Reading will always be a part of my life until the day I die. I find time to read because I love to read. People will spend time doing what they love, and I love books!