Perspective at about 10,000 Feet

I took each of these three photos within a few minutes of our flight from South Bend to Detroit. I used my Instagram app on my iPhone to do a little editing, and was so surprised to see how completely different each of these photos turned out.

When I look at these three photos, the first thing I think about is perspective.  When the plane would turn just a bit and the clouds would move across the sky, the entire scene changed.

For me, flying up at around 10,000 feet, I realized that Indiana in late winter/early spring isn’t so ugly after all.  It was beautiful, green and bright.  It made me happy to drift  through the clouds, looking down on all that green and brown, with little blue lakes scattered between the winding brown rivers.

It was so fun to get a new perspective.

Your situation and perspective about your present circumstances are unique.  Maybe it’s time for a “new view”.  While you can’t probably change your circumstances, I bet you can change your perspective.

Take a few steps back.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Sit down and listen, really listen to what the noise is around you.  Center. Focus. Stare into the sun.  Let the perspective it brings you change you.

See the beauty.

Be changed by the joy.

I dare you.