It’s official! I’m a Barnstalker.  A Barnstalker is someone who owns an iPhone and makes whoever is driving in the car or riding along in the car while THEY are driving pull over to snap a photo of a rustic old barn somewhere on some country road.  I’ve found lots of neat old barns within just a few miles of our house.  Here are just a few of my faves.

I took and edited all of these pics with my iPhone 4 and shared them first on Instagram.


Wegner Week in Pictures

  Late September 2010 025 

How was your week? Here’s some fun pictures taken with my iPhone 4 from this week.

Late September 2010 028 Late September 2010 031 Late September 2010 033

 Late September 2010 037 Late September 2010 002 Late September 2010 045

 Late September 2010 046 Late September 2010 006  Late September 2010 056

We had a lot of fun despite

  • me being stung by a hornet 4x
  • Whitney and Rob struggling with very bad colds
  • one trip to Medpoint with a very sick Isabelle 
  • Maddie spraining her back.

  God is good all the time.  I’m treasuring every moment with my precious family. 

Which picture is your favorite?  Mine is the one of Rob and the girls by the tree root.  My 2nd fave would be the one of me displaying my carrot harvest for the year. 

Have a great weekend!

Fun With The Phone

Aug 040

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone 4.  I know you would never judge me at wasting my money on such a lavish device, but someone may, so you can just tell them that I spent $0 on it since we sold my old iPhone for a bit more than the price of the new one.  One of the fun things about the iPhone 4 is the two-way camera.  You know how every iPhone photo you see includes someone’s arm stretching in front of them holding out the camera for the shot?  Well, this marvelous piece of technology has a two way camera, much to the delight of my precious Isabelle.  I left my phone on the table, only to look through my photos yesterday afternoon only to find these:

Aug 044Aug 045Aug 043

and these:

Aug 033 Aug 034 Aug 040

I think we have an aspiring photographer on the loose!