When You Can’t Look Away

Sometimes you have to look away.  Sometimes it hurts too much to watch.  Shows like “Idol Gives Back”, or spontaneous infomercials showing kids with bloated bellies and flies buzzing around their heads are too much for me.  They are not empty souls with hallow eyes to me.  They are orphans who used to hope, used to know their Moms and Dads.  They are kids who color and sing. I’ve seen them, touched them and watch their hallow eyes fill with joy with a simple hug, toy or a treat.  I can show those kids love like I do with my own kids. 

India-Rob 269

Sometimes it hurts too much to know that their hurts are real, their boo-boo’s can’t be fixed, their Mom isn’t coming any time soon to help them.  They live with lingering pain and fear, not like my kids.  My kids don’t go an hour with a headache.  They’ve not known real pain for more than a few hours at a time until we get them the help they need. They are bundled up with care, bandaged, and sent home to mend.  The kids on T.V. aren’t.  Their pain just lingers until they die from their sickness, disease, or wounds, or starve to death.  Those kids know real fear.  Their eyes have seen things my kids never will.

This summer we are going back to India to touch and love more kids.  We are going there to write down their stories along with the stories of men and women who are their mothers and fathers so that others will know.   Sometimes you have to look away.  Sometimes you cant, and you have to do something about it.  And that’s what we’re doing this summer.

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