Kindergarten Terrors

Firestation 002 Yesterday was a big day in the life of our preschooler.  The morning started out with a field trip to the fire station.  Later that day, it was Isabelle’s day to go to school and get tested for Kindergarten.  It’s been a very big deal that she has been very excited about.  We showed up at school around 12:30, and much to our surprise and delight, almost all of the kids being tested at the same time were friends from her pre-k.  I think it helped all the kids relax a little, knowing all their buddies were there with them.

When the girls went back with the teachers, the moms were left alone to fill out paper work and chat.  There were a few very nice PTO moms there to support and encourage all the parents who were nervous about sending their kids into a room with strangers.  They were very kind, helpful and encouraging, offering cookies and coffee.

About 1/2 the moms already had kids attending the school, so we really didn’t need any questions answered or whatever, so we just sat and chatted.  The subject of bus rides came up, and right away two of us moms had great “horror” stories to tell. 

Maddie and Whitney had a bus driver one year that got lost the first day of school when Maddie was in 1st grade and Whitney was in Kindergarten.  The bus driver took the kids on a 45 minute nightmare drive, dropping some kids off 8 blocks from home, others just randomly.   Kids were crying, big kids were trying to take charge and show the bus driver the way.  Honestly, I think that lady would still be driving around if if weren’t for a few of the older kids on the bus.  Maddie came off the bus sobbing and hysterical because she, of all my children, need order and predictability in her life.

Another mom told a story about how her Kindergartener was just following his buddy, and got on the wrong bus without anyone noticing.  The bus driver had no clue that the child shouldn’t be on the bus and dropped him off with his friend.  The mom was terrified when her child didn’t get off the bus at his regular bus stop.

Right as we got done telling our stories and laughing, I noticed everything had gotten really quiet.  The “new” moms had wide eyes and blank expressions, and the PTO helpers quietly walked away from us.


I am now responsible for putting fear into the hearts and minds of Kindergarten moms.  Someday I will learn to keep my mouth shut…or just tell my stories more quietly.  🙂