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Test your personality with this amazing optical illusion: what do you see first?

Do you think you have a sharp eye? Test your skills and find out which creature you can spot first in this illusion! This fun challenge is sure to keep you entertained for hours. So why not give it a try?

Personality tests are a great way to gain insight into one’s character, motivation, and behaviour. The results of these tests are just for fun but can still be used to gain a better understanding of one’s own self or to help make decisions in the workplace.

This specific personality test is based on an illusion, and asks the question: Which creature do you see first in this illusion?

By understanding which creature you see first, it can help to identify your current mental state and your reactions to certain situations.

To take this test, first find an image of the illusion. Then look closely at the image and ask yourself the question: Which creature do you see first?

Don’t take too long and once you have made your decision read on to see what it may mean about you!

It’s a game of cat and mouse!

Personality tests that utilize illusions, such as the one featuring cats and mice, offer an intriguing and engaging way to gain insights into your character.

By observing which creature you notice first in the illusion, the test aims to uncover subconscious associations and reactions. These results can provide valuable clues about your current mental state and your inclinations in various situations.

Whether you are drawn to the cat or the mouse in the image, the test encourages self-reflection and invites you to explore different facets of your personality and how you interpret the world.

While the test is meant for amusement purposes and should not be taken too seriously, it can spark interesting discussions and prompt you to ponder the deeper layers of your own psyche.

So how did you get on with the optical illusion?

Did you see one or two creatures and which one came first?

The image shows both a cat and a mouse, so which one did you see jumping out of the page at you first?

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Are you a curious mouse or an independent kitty!

Read on to see what your choice suggest about your personality


People who saw a mouse as their first object are generally timid and curious, quick-witted and agile.

They are resourceful creatures, often nervous but also highly adaptable. They can be shy at times, yet they are detail-oriented and perceptive.

They tend to react quickly to environmental changes and can easily slip into tight spaces.

Mouse people are often open to new ideas and experiences, however they may be hesitant to take the first step.


The personality of people who saw a cat as their first object is quite distinct.

They tend to be independent, curious and agile, and often mysterious in their behavior. Additionally, cats have a playful streak that is often aloof and graceful.

People who identify with cats are usually cunning and assertive, yet selective when it comes to making friends or taking risks.

As cats often exhibit a level of self-control that is impressive, those individuals who identify with them often possess similar traits.

We hope you had fun testing out your personality with this creature illusion.

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Please note that this test is simply for entertainment purposes and has no scientific value.

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