The Mother’s Day Giraffe

Having a 4 year old is one of the most fun things I have ever had to play with.  She is an endless source of fun and imagination.  I love teasing her and playing tricks on her.  She believes almost everything I tell her.  Knowing that she is our last 4 year old makes me want to mess with her head even more than I did the other girls.  Is this wrong?

I told her tonight that there was a Mother’s Day Giraffe that comes to all the Mommy’s windows and gives them breakfast in bed.  She laughed and said, “I know, because he always licks me when I am in my bed!”  I laughed and said, “What else do you think he will bring Mommy?”  She said, “Um, a gift card.”

I hope so!

And to all the other Mommies, I hope the Mother’s Day Giraffe visited you too!

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