The other night I had a dream about my Grandmothers. I was on an old fashioned street, and I was lured by some interest into this apartment building. My Grandma Lanting was in it. The entire house was decorated in the 1950’s style. She was singing a song and vacuuming with her old fashioned Hoover vacuum. Grandmother_dream_3 There was a record on the record player, and her black, rotary dial phone on the wall. My Grandma Blom was present also.

One floor up I visited with my Great-Grandma Blom. Her room was decorated in the fashion of the 1940’s. She had the most amazing and wonderful, inviting smile. She looked through my eyes to my soul and cared so deeply for me. I went up one more floor, and it was the home of my Great-Great Grandmother. Her face was vague, but her joy was present for me. Her room was old, and in a style I did not recognize. Her dress was long and her hair pulled back. I presume she was from the 1800’s.

I felt I was visiting a corner of Heaven. Truly. Those who have gone on before me lingered there. Waiting, encouraging, hoping and pulling for me. I think Grandma Blom’s presence was there because here on earth her body is present but her mind is gone, but I do believe her soul is with Jesus yet still with us in some way we with our capable minds cannot comprehend.

The Spirit of this dream has blanketed me for several weeks.

Why God sends these messages every now and then, when we don’t ask for them, and when we least expect it, I don’t know. I know that it blessed me in the most real sense of the word.

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  1. What a nice, peaceful dream.

  2. Remind me why you are not on the writing team. (Shame, shame) : ) This was beautiful!

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