The Real Princesses of New York City

Rob was in New York this past weekend and brought the girls these fabulous t-shirts. They made up a play about “The Real Princesses of New York City”

The story went something like this: 

Maddie and Isabelle were the “mean, cool” girls, and Whitney was the “nerdy, outgoing girl”.  Every day Whitney would try to be friends with them, and every day, the bad girls would tell her no, and give her a poison apple to eat.  Every day she would faint from eating one, yet come back to them the next day.

What can we learn from this story?  I’ll let you decide.

I love when they play so well together. They are extraordinarily funny and creative.

One thought on “The Real Princesses of New York City

  1. betsey says:

    where’s Ellie’s T-shirt???? And MINE?????

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