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Thin and alone, lost dog reunited with owner after 2 long years on the streets

Hamm, wandering the streets alone for two years, finally gets reunited with owner thanks to microchip!

Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience for any pet owner. However, stories of lost pets being reunited with their families months or even years after separation never fail to bring joy and hope.

Recently, a rescue story shared by Jasmine Noffsinger on Tiktok highlights the importance of microchipping and the persistence needed to find a lost pet.

Noffsinger and her sister found a skinny dog walking down the side of the road and immediately took him to a vet to check for a microchip. Although the chip was detected, the information couldn’t be retrieved. Luckily, the microchip company had the dog’s information on file and were able to contact his owner, who was shocked to hear that her dog, Hamm, had been found.

Hamm had been missing since February 2021 from his home in Dade City, Florida, which was 450 miles away from where he was found. Noffsinger and the owner agreed to meet halfway in Tallahassee for the emotional reunion.

Despite being separated for two years, Hamm recognized his mom immediately and hopped right into her car. Noffsinger reminds pet owners to get their pets microchipped and ensure their information is up-to-date. She also encourages those who find a lost pet with a microchip to make an effort to contact the owner and reunite them with their furry friend.

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This heartwarming rescue story is a reminder that microchipping can significantly increase the chances of reuniting with a lost pet and that a little persistence can go a long way in finding them. If you enjoyed this rescue story, please share it with friends and family.

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