Things as They Are

Old_books I stumbled across a rare treasure a few weeks ago.  I briefly mentioned it when I wrote this post about Amy Carmichael.  It is actually a 350 page "letter" to her mission board back at home to report to them about the atrocities looming all around her in Southern India.  It was considered scandalous, outrageous and a gross exaggeration.  Civilized Christians could not believe such things could be happening in that day and age.  People love to read "dirt," thus launching Amy into the public spotlight.  It was written in 1901, and is now out of print. The cheapest volumes on Ebay or Amazon go for $225 right now.  I have been dying to read it for 3 years.  Thanks to someone crazy enough to scan it in page by page, the entire book is available online now. 

The darkness that pervaded in Southern India at the time is shocking to me.  Child brides were common (as young as 8 years old).  Child prostitution was rampant.  Beatings of women and children were as common as a regular argument would be for us today.  Poisoning those who defected from their caste’s was also extremely common.  It seemed as though every family kept a bottle of poison in their home "just in case."  A Hindu becomming a Christian was a death sentence to him and his family. 

At one point in Amy’s report, she said that someone had done the math.  At the rate Christianity was then growing in Southern India, it would take 20,000 years for the Nation to become a Christian nation.  She didn’t believe it then because she knew God’s heart for those people, and she knew the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our friend and first International GCC staff member, Rajendran, says that the times when he is feeling tired from the load of ministry, or depressed, he will go and sit on the graves of the missionaries who brought the light of Jesus to India.  He said he goes there to weep and rejoice at the sacrifices they made to bring Christianity to such a Heathen nation.

It was the most surreal experience for me to read this book.  The whole time I was reading it, I felt like God was showing me an eyes open vision of direct answers to Amy’s prayers for Southern India 100 years ago.    What a joy and priviledge to be a part of the work God is doing there!

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