Seeing Justice Through the Lens of the Bible

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In our home, Rob and I have taught our girls two things since they were small. 1. Love Jesus. 2. Love people. Everything we have done with them as a family since is because we love Jesus and love people. It’s not complicated, and never has been. We didn’t tuck them in bed at night […]

What is Microchurch? And What Microchurch Isn’t.

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I wrote this piece today, explaining our ministry here in Kansas City called KC Underground. It’s what both Rob and I have been doing for almost two years and it has been such a joy. We are helping lead a movement made up of microchurches. I realize that term might need some explanation, so here […]

Turning The Page on Angry White Voices

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Last weekend, our family and a few friends from the KC Underground attended a rally for radical change, led by an African American church in our community. At the very last minute, I was asked to pray to begin the rally.  I was instantly and forcefully terrified. All the self-doubt thoughts came flooding in at […]

We are Still White Oppressors.

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Were your grandparents and great grandparents and other ancestors’ slaves? If you can answer yes to this question, your voice is so needed at this time. If your answer is no, it’s time to be quiet, listen and learn, myself included. I have not sought to understand my African American friends and their enduring strength […]

Hear the Roar

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I have sat at the feet of white evangelical men my whole life.  Most have pointed me to Jesus. Many have not.  I have given my entire life for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  My silencers  have never been angry outlaws or the gay or transgender, the drug addicted or alcoholic, the homeless, […]