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Chicago_worlds_fair We went to see the Virtual Reality tour of the World’s Colombian Expedition from 1891 today at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Rob and I have read The Devil in the White City, a book about a serial killer during the World’s fair, and a simultaneous story line of the development of the fair.  It was an amazing book.  Since then, I have read 2 different stories from this era.  When we heard about this exhibit, we knew we had to go!  It was amazing to see the images from my imagination come to life and scale.  It truly was a remarkable Worlds Fair for it’s time.  A true Dream City. 

Lucky for us, My Uncle BudUncle_bud (the handsome guy on the left) happens to be a volunteer at the museum, and he got us in FREE!  Growing up in Chicago, we used to go all the time free, but now it costs a small fortune to bring a family of 5 in for a day of fun at the museum.  Uncle Bud is one of the guys who runs the gigantic $3.3 train set in the middle of the museum.  Maddie thought it was hilarious as he pointed out a miniature Elvis on a street corner, as well as a dead body in the Chicago river. It’s really there!  I had no idea.  I guess the Mafia used to dump bodies there, so it really is a part of history.

I love Chicago.  I love it’s history.  It is my favorite city on Earth, and it was facinating to me to spend a day delving deeper into what has made it the amazing city it is today.  Thanks Uncle Bud!  You Rock!

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  1. Uncle Hank says:

    That Uncle Bud person you speak so highly of sounds like a wonderful person. Looking at the picture I can see that he is really handsome. Your Dad claims to look a lot like him but I’m not sure of that.
    Anyway Uncle Bud told me that an updated Virtual Reality Tour will be at the Museum later this year. Uncle Bud will let you know and he said it was so nice to see you guys today.

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