What Not to Wear: Barbie Edition

I have spent a lot of time this week on the couch.  I hurt my knee, and walking hasn't really been an option.  These are the days that Isabelle LOVES.  She knows I can't get up, so I am cornered on the couch as she paces back and forth wringing her little hands discussing all the things we can do together while I am stuck there.

Yesterday she had a brilliant idea.  I have mentioned before that the girls love the show What Not To Wear.  So, our one male Barbie was transformed into Clinton, and we dressed up a dark haired Barbie in the Best Barbie clothes and She was Stacy.  The ugly and naked girls were the ones getting makeovers.  We had to dress up the hair designer as well as the make-up designer ( I forget their names, and the hair designer is really a guy, so we had to improvise.)

This went on for a while.  A long while. 

Whitney's Valentine Performance 049

Stacy And Clinton

Whitney's Valentine Performance 053

The Cast

Whitney's Valentine Performance 061

The "Made-Over" Girl

4 thoughts on “What Not to Wear: Barbie Edition

  1. Shelly W. says:

    That’s hilarious! Love it!

  2. erica says:

    nick is the hair dresser and carmondy (sp probably) does the make-up. i love that show too!!

  3. Mo says:

    Ya. it’s like Nick Orojo and Carmindy. I love her and her name so much I wanna name one of my baby girls Carmindy. Andy has already Veto’d it. Can’t say I didn’t try. Happy Barbie Playing.

  4. That is so funny! Did the makeover Barbie have to go in the 360 too?

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