2 thoughts on “Whose Paw Print?

  1. Mark Beeson says:

    Not sure how big this track is, but it appears to evidence claws. Coyote tracks usually have claws, although they don’t always show on hard ground. The angle of the picture makes it difficult to see if the track is round or oval. It looks more oval-shaped – which indicates it is a coyote. If it was round instead of oval (and lacked claws) you’d probably be looking at a bobcat’s track. It’s tough to tell the difference between a dog and a coyote, but coyote tracks tend to be more oblong and the claws less prominent. So, I’m thinking it’s a coyote. One more thing, if you can see lots of tracks you’ll be able to see that the front paws leave a larger print than the rear…and the rear footpads are smaller than the front. So, based on the claws, I’m saying it’s a coyote or dog.

  2. Wow Mark – I was going to do with Sasquatch…but your coyote / dog theory sounds good too 🙂

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